Our Promise

We have set out a range of rules for how we conduct ourselves at PimpJuice, to ensure that you the customer have a pleasant and rewarding shopping experience.

We will:

  • Ensure that any problems are dealt with in a transparent and professional way.
  • To maintain high quality and ensure the safety of our products.
  • To process orders in a timely manner.
  • To provide value for money and always strive to reduce overheads and pass those savings on to the customer.
  • Remain truthful in all interactions with our customers.

If you are disappointed in our service, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can improve.
How we achieve this:

All products are produced in a clean environment, all equipment is thoroughly sterilised both before and after use. Stock is stored in a dark and cool storage unit preventing oxidisation.

Each batch is hand mixed, inspected, bottled and labelled by our trained staff. Each batch is then tested in house for flavour and vapour production before being stored and steeped, any derivations from the original recipe are noted and records are kept.

We thoroughly investigate the ingredients in our liquids, allowing us to inform the customer of the contents in a transparent manner.

We only purchase bulk supplies from reputable manufacturers, so that we can guarantee the contents of our stock.

This allows us to have full trace ability over our production line and batches. We are able to trace the individual flavours from manufacturer to end product. We are able to recall batches, quickly and efficiently if the need arises.

The inclusion of di-acetyl in food flavourings has become an issue in the vaping community. This is a common ingredient in custard and desert vapes to provide the buttery ‘mouthfeel’.

Some of our liquids will contain di-acetyl, we will endeavour to show this to the customer so that they can make an informed decision.

We continually refine our processes and methods, attempting to reduce costs and improve the safety of our products.

That is  a promise!