Frequently Asked Questions


How much is postage?

UK Postage is £2.99 or free for orders over £30.

How long will it be until I receive my order?

All orders are shipped Royal Mail First Class. Orders are typically shipped within one working day. We aim to have all orders with you within 5 business days of order.

Once your order has been sent, you will recieve a shipped confirmation.

The vast majority of orders are received within 3 working day’s, however, Royal Mail does not guarantee next day delivery for first class large letters/parcels.

Royal Mail UK can take 2-5 working days to delivery parcels depending on distance and time of the year.
International Mail can take up to 20 days.

Last Christmas Order Dates?

Please place all orders for Christmas UK delivery by the 14th of December. International orders are recommended to be placed well in advance as we have no control or tracking over international postage providers.

Do you ship in branded packaging?

We ship in black padded envelopes with a sticker showing our logo and web address. International orders will have to be declared for customs purposes. In this case the customs note will be marked “vaping accessories”.

Do you ship to BFPO address?

Definitely! Just fill out your BFPO address on checkout. We also offer a British Armed Forces discount of 10%, use code BAF10 at checkout and providing you enter a valid BFPO address we will deduct 10% from your total.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes with limitations. The TPD has changed the business landscape in this industry and as a result cross border sales of nicotine liquid are quite a head ache.

For International shipping, it is your responsibility to check that importing vaping related products/nicotine is legal in your country. You will be liable for any incurred import taxes or seizure of the parcel due to local laws/customs.


What payment methods are accepted?

We only offer purchasing through PayPal or via PayPal Card Payments.

PayPal Card Payments accepts all major credit and debit cards, you can also pay via your PayPal balance.

We also use SSL encryption on our customer account pages for further peace of mind.

Is my credit card payment protected?

We only offer purchasing through PayPal or via PayPal Card Payments, which is a proven safe method of purchase. We also use SSL encryption on our customer account pages for further peace of mind.

I don’t have a PayPal account

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, although it is easier if you do. You can still pay with a credit or debit card via the PayPal site and you don’t need to sign up to use this service. PayPal’s encryption and security is top notch and your details will be protected by them, we will never have access to your card details, it is all handled by PayPal.


Can I have some free samples?

We try to include free samples of products as and when available. However there is no guarantee that you will have free samples in your order, even if your friends have!

My order hasn't arrived

We send all packets and parcels via Royal Mail or UKmail depending on value.

If your parcel hasn’t arrived 7 days after ordering then please contact us.

If your parcel hasn’t arrived in 10 days we will arrange for a refund or resend your order, subject to confirmation of non-delivery from our mail handlers.

How can I cancel an order?

Simple, log into your account and view the order here. If you don’t have an account you can track and cancel an order here.


Note: you can only cancel the order before it is processed and shipped.

I am under 18 can I order juice?

No! We do not sell products to anyone under the age of 18 even zero percent nicotine. If we have reason to believe you’re under the age of 18 we will immediately cancel your order.

Do I need to have an account to order items?

No, you can checkout as a guest.

However signing up to an account will allow you to track and update orders more effectively.

My order arrived damaged

If your parcel has arrived damaged, please fill in the contact form within 5 working days of delivery.

We will be in contact to discuss replacements or refund, we may require photographic evidence of the damage so that we can pursue this with our mail carriers.

I haven’t received a reply to my question
We try to respond to all enquires within 72 hours, although generally it is much quicker.

If you haven’t received a response in that time frame feel free to send another question using the contact form or directly to contact@pimpjuice.co.uk

There is a problem with my order.

If you have any issues or queries with your order don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us with your order number using our contact form here.

How do I track an order?

You can view all your orders on you account page here or you can track a single order using your order number and email address here

Can I return a purchase.

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons we can not accept returns of liquid for any reason unless the product is deemed to be damaged in transit or in the case of manufacturer error.

We want you to be assured that any liquid sent to you has not been previously handled by another customer and returned.

Why are nicotine shots being added to my shopping basket?

All E-Liquids provided by PimpJuice are supplied in a kit form.

Due to the TPD regulations we can no longer provide pre mixed and steeped liquid, however we can provide you with a flavour bottle and multiple nicotine shot bottles to be mixed at home.

Your shopping experience is still the same on pimpjuice.co.uk. You still select the nicotine percentage that you require, our site will then calculate the number of shots you will need to add to the supplied bottle to mix your preferred percentage.

The price of the nicotine shots are included in the price of the liquid.

If you have your own supply of 72mg/ml nicotine bought prior to the TPD regulations we recommend you order our 0% liquid and add your nicotine to that following guidelines and ratios freely available on the internet or by using one of the many calculators.

The mixing process is shown on Nicotine Shot Usage

Note: Do not vape the nicotine shot directly, this is a high potency liquid that will likely make you ill.


Who are you?

Pimp Juice is a small business, offering premium e-liquid flavours to wholesale and the general public.
We started as so many in this industry, mixing and selling our creations to friends, this developed into supplying local vape shops and now we feel we are able to offer our mixes to the general public.

We don’t believe in the price gouging that currently passes for business in this industry. Paying £30 for 30ml of ‘premium’ liquid is ridiculous.

However we also don’t believe in supporting the race to the bottom and £1 poor quality e-liquid.

There is a compromise and we think we have found it, reasonably priced e-liquid using premium ingredients and flavourings.

Where is your liquid manufactured?

Pimp Juice e-liquid is 100% manufactured in the UK.

What ingredients are in your liquid?

PG: Propylene Glycol Pharmaceutical grade.
VG: Vegetable Glycerine Pharmaceutical grade.
Assorted Flavourings.
We do not bulk out e-liquids with alcohol or water.

I have a YouTube Channel/Blog can I have some samples for review?


Fill in the media sample pack request here:

We will consider your site/blog/channel and send you a sample pack if we decide that your site/blog/channel is active and has a reasonable amount of viewers.

Note: We do not pay or remunerate in any fashion for favourable reviews, any reviews conducted are expected to be impartial and fair.

I am interested in stocking Pimp Juice products for retail.

Cool, we want to work with you.

Fill in the wholesale sample pack request here:

We will consider your business and send you a sample pack if we decide that your company is an active company.

We will also contact you to begin discussions on order volume and discount pricing.

Note: We do not pay or remunerate in any fashion for favourable reviews or product placement, any reviews conducted are expected to be impartial and fair.

Do you offer wholesale?

Wholesale options are available if you wish to stock our product in your store.

Please contact us directly for this here

I have an idea, can you make it for me?

Yes! Send us your ideas via the contact form.
If we manage to craft the flavour and it passes our in house QC process then we may offer it on the website with a special mention.

Note: We will retain IP of the recipe but credit you as the creative instigator, and send you some free juice!

Where is your retail shop?

We don’t operate a retail shop to the general public, currently we are entirely web based. This allows us to maintain low overheads and essentially pass these savings onto you.

Do your liquids need steeping?

We try to ensure that the liquids we sell are pre-steeped, however our stocking levels depend on demand. Many liquids are made fresh and shipped the same week so we do recommend steeping the juices for at least a week or abiding by the steep time information on each product page.
Custards and Creams tend to require from a few days up to a few weeks steeping, fruit based liquids are generally fine immediately and in some cases steeping a fruit flavour will cause it to lose some of its character taste.

If you find the flavour is somewhat muted or chemical tasting this is sure fire sign that the liquid would benefit from some steeping.

What is steeping?

Steeping this the process where you allow your juice to “Mature”. Much like a fine wine in a cellar.
Some flavours will need time to combine with others and for chemical reactions to occur.

We try to ensure that creams and custards are manufactured and steeped at our premises so that you can enjoy them when they arrive, but most will be best if your patient and wait at least a few days. It really does make a world of difference.

A few days in a dark cupboard with frequent shaking will do wonders. There are ways of accelerating steeping but we recommend the natural approach.

While waiting for your custard to develop why not pass the time with one of our fruit vapes?

Why is my juice a different colour to that on the website? Has it gone bad?
No, it hasn’t gone bad. The colour of the flavouring and nicotine effects the colour of the liquid, over time this changes as the juice is steeped.
Juices with higher nicotine concentration will become darker as they age – it’s totally normal. Zero nic juice tends to stay clear, if the flavour components are also clear but again this can vary.

What PG/VG ratio is your liquid? Can I change it?

Currently we only offer 70/30 VG/PG ratios and cannot customise the ratios for each order.

This combination has been found to be optimum for flavour and vapour production.

My flavour is bland.

If your juice’s flavour will develop after a couple of days steeping and shaking, there are a lot of reasons why a juice may taste bad. You may need a new atomiser or coil or may need to run your device at a higher/lower wattage as the flavours become stronger at different temperatures.

The flavour is overpowering.

Occasionally some liquids can separate in the bottle due to the specific gravity of the liquid, ensure your shake your liquid before use. Liquids can also separate in clearomizers, so it is a good idea to GENTLY tip your device upside down a few times to mix the liquid together.

Some people are sensitive to certain flavours, so that may play a part in it too.

What are you planning to do about the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Regualtions?

The TPD essentially forces small businesses to register and pay for any nicotine containing products they sell to customers, this is price prohibitive.
It also limits the sale of nicotine containing liquid to 20m/g in 10ml bottles.

This essentially means we wont be able to sell our juices pre-filled with nicotine. The max we could sell would be 10ml bottles and would have to register each flavour and nicotine combination with the regulatory bodies, amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment.

Our solution is to supply 60/120ml bottles as before, but only part filled with flavouring, PG and VG. You would then buy a 10ml bottle of VG Nicotine at 18mg/ml, you would then add this to the bottle of juice yourself, shake and steep. This would result in the full 60/120ml of our juice, the same as pre-regulation but partly mixed by yourselves.

We supply bottles of 10ml 18mg nicotine manufactured by Lucemill and Darkstar.

The key component of this is cost to us and price to you, TPD will inevitably increase the cost of the end product due to having to combine multiple products together and eliminating bulk buy discounting. We will work to absorb as much of this as possible to keep prices as low as possible.

Unfortunately the ridiculousness of the law has not been considered and it has placed the burden of nicotine combination in the hands of the consumer rather than the manufacturer.

However it is a small inconvenience and instructions on how to do this are on our website and included in you parcel.

Do any of your juices contain diketones / diacetyl / AP?

Diacetyl is a flavouring chemical that is in wide use in food production and is responsible for a thick creamy butter like taste found in a lot of commercial juices on the market.
There are widely different views on the health implications of Diacetyl. We take the view that the levels of Diacetylin e-liquid is many magnitudes smaller than that found in cigarettes.

However, we take the perceived impact of Diacetyl seriously, many of us are ex-smokers who turned to vaping for a healthier alternative.

Most of our products are Diacetyl free and we take strict measures to ensure that the flavouring used is Diacetyl free.

However, some of our juices do use them and wouldn’t taste right without them.

Any products that contain Diacetyl will be marked as such, this allows you as a consumer to make an informed choice.

I have a question you haven’t answered.

Please contact us using the contact form.

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